How to Fight a BRAM Violation

Clear the air.

how to fight a BRAM violationThe BRAM Program is an initiative launched by MasterCard in 2005 to protect the Brand and its customers from illegal and brand-damaging transactions, which may pose significant fraud, regulatory, or legal risk, or may cause reputational damage. VISA has a similar program called the VISA Global Brand Protection Program.

Examples of conduct that violates BRAM include:

  • Illegal sale of prescription drugs and/or tobacco products
  • Illegal internet gambling/miscoded gambling
  • Child exploitation
  • Offensive adult pornography
  • Sale of counterfeit merchandise
  • Sale of goods or services in violation of intellectual property rights
  • Sale of certain drugs or chemicals (synthetic drugs, salvia divinorum, etc.)
  • Transaction laundering, shell corps, and load balancing

We have successfully mitigated MasterCard and VISA fines for BRAM GBPP violations on behalf of our clients.

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