Merchant Account Lawsuit Lawyer

We know the payments industry inside and out.

We understand how the industry operates. Our clients include: acquirers, processors, PFs, ISOs, sales agents, and merchants – so we understand each party’s role and responsibilities in the payments chain. We are intimately familiar with Card Brand Rules, and regulatory requirements and prohibitions. We draft and review the range of payments contracts. When disputes arise we will advocate aggressively for our clients’ positions.

We know the key players and their reputations in the industry.

We routinely represent and counsel clients on all angles with disputes regarding:

  • Reserves handling
  • Early termination fees
  • Processing and accounting errors
  • Defense and indemnity claims
  • Security interests
  • Personal guarantees
  • Other fee disputes

payment processing lawyerMore specifically, we have successfully litigated disputes between processors and merchants in issues including:

  • Return of reserves
  • Gift cards and “friendly transactions”
  • Improper use of multiple MIDs
  • Mitigation of MasterCard BRAM and VISA’s Global Brand Protection Program fines
  • Removal of merchants from MATCH and TMF list

As merchant account lawsuit lawyers, we have represented acquirers in disputes with their sponsored ISOs over processing issues and in dealings with Visa and MasterCard over consumer practice violations by their third party processors. We have defended acquirers against allegations of consumer practice violations – including claims that they aided and abetted their merchants’ violations and violated consumer practices directly through their RCC (Remotely Created Check) program.

We have also represented ISOs and agents in residual disputes. We have experience defending liability claims arising from events of a data breach.

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