FTC CID Response

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FTC CID ResponseFTC routinely investigates marketers suspected of violating the FTC Act through a special type of pre-lawsuit subpoena known as a Civil Investigative Demand (CID). A CID is a judicially enforceable demand that may require the recipient to produce documents, respond to interrogatories, and even testify.  A CID may be served directly on the targets of the FTC’s investigation (i.e. the marketers and their principals), or on companies doing business with them.

The recipient of a CID is duty-bound to preserve all potentially relevant evidence and information. A CID may also prohibit the recipient from disclosing the existence of the government’s inquiry into the subject of the investigation.

If you receive a CID or are the target of the FTC’s investigation, getting experienced counsel involved early may be the key to negotiating a settlement that avoids the filing of a TRO and allows your business to survive, and we can help you with your FTC CID Response.

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