Trademark and Copyright Infringement

You’ve worked hard to build your name, your brand, and your company. When you see someone knocking-off your product, you need to move quickly to stop the infringer before the damage becomes irreparable.

From filing Temporary Restraining Orders to counseling you on the power of using trademarks and trade dress, we can aggressively protect your brand. We understand how infringers operate—from using cutouts as surrogates to using your own manufacturer against you—and we’re prepared to fight back.

Are we effective? We think our record speaks for itself. Our successes include:

  • Representing a major infomercial company that suffered damages after a competitor knocked-off their product. We immediately filed a Request for a Temporary Restraining Order and Injunction and quickly negotiated a favorable settlement that included the removal of the infringing product from the market.
  • Representing a major direct response marketing firm in a trademark infringement/breach of contract action against the former manufacturer and numerous unauthorized distributors of a well-known infomercial product. We obtained a permanent injunction against the infringers and successfully cleared title to the product trademark, enabling the firm to continue its normal business operations.
  • Defending trademark actions in the Internet commerce arena involving use of trademarked names in meta tags.
  • Representing a motion picture writer-director accused of copyright infringement. The case also presented insurance coverage issues resulting from the production company’s failure to obtain errors and omissions insurance for the writer as required by the WGA master contract. We obtained a favorable settlement for the client.

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